21st December 2006 – Tandem Team Meal

Like an old married couple!

GianBiaz 2006

I had the good fortune of joining my old buddies from the Tandem Team for a meal at GianBiaz and found that some traditions don’t change. Take Keith and Manijeh (Please… Anyone), who still fight like an old married couple. Judging by Keiths reaction in the photo that will be last time Manijeh buys him Arsenal gear for his secret santa gift!

As with team tradition, it was usual for us to enjoy a drink or many along the Wellingborough Road, this year was different. Having gone to move my car due to parking restrictions, everyone scattered to the four winds. This is unheard of.

Rest assured though that the ex-Tandem Team did continue with the tradition into the small hours, joined by Mr Eccles, Mr Nye and Mr Scott! The Chinese on top of Italian was just what the doctor ordered.

Absence’s from Mr Trott and Mr Gibson were noted, the first having a sick note from his daughter, the latter wimping out

Non-the-less it was a very good day and Thank You (Andy, Keith, Jim, Janice, Julie, and Bidesh) for inviting me to your party!



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  1. keith says:

    great lotto software jason shame about the numbers thx
    best regards keith ( :


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