Dobré Ráno! Ako sa máš?


Well it finally happened, took a while to sort out but here I am back in Slovakia and it’s been an absolutely gorgeous week so far with temperatures rising as high as 26 Degrees!



Sadly though, an office looks like an office anywhere you work around the world, and so far no time for any proper site seeing/orientation. I did however manage to say Dobrý večer! to the Danube 🙂

Now which of my friends are making the short hop skip and a jump over the pond to come and visit me and party all night long?


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One Response to Dobré Ráno! Ako sa máš?

  1. We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half and really enjoyed walking around in the city. Even when the office is boring, there is usually enough time to enjoy what the city have to offer. 🙂

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