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The Stud Muffin

With that in mind and after yesterday’s experience with the Diabetic Nurse, with a little creativity, I give you…

The Stud Muffin

Since I have a good recipe for a basic Muffin Batter and my experiment with the Boozy Cherry Muffin. You could simply add crushed up Viagra to each muffin! and I was thinking of some strap lines for such a creation! Continue reading

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Breaking Diabetes

Breaking in a new Diabetes Nurse this morning, it’s bad enough getting out of my pit at this unholy hour to be there before 8am (when I should be Z’ing away). In a Jack Bauer voice over styles… The following … Continue reading

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When I were a lad…

Back when I were a kid, we had :- Lead toys painted with arsenic to put in our mouths. Our parents read bedtime stories from Haynes how to manuals for :- How to Climb interior Chimney Stack and remove the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

When it comes to a good muffin, Give generously I say 😋 It’s been an interesting week to say the least, back at work and had my first Hypo that I’ve not had for quite some time so didn’t recognise the … Continue reading

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Adventures in GDPR Week 1…

Today I had to get up Über Early to take the car back to VW.  One of its sensors was “impaired” according the error message it was spewing out (This is a different story though).  I was asked to get the car in for 7:30am!!! FFS… That’s inhumane… Surely that in itself is a violation of 1998 Human Right Act… Continue reading

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Two Ingredient Choc Chip Cookies!

An unusual post for me, I was sorting out the kitchen this week and couldn’t identify half the utensils and tools my wife used for baking, cooking and stuff.  One item didn’t look out of place in Dr Evil’s lair for signalling satellite dishes… Continue reading

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Strong enough to hold on, brave enough to let go…?

Back in 2011 a colleague shown me this phrase she had tattooed, it immediately struck a chord.  The phrase takes many forms and many interpretations within any relationship…  Continue reading

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