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Caffeine and Codeine

The following is my experience of the modern-day NHS. Before however I would like to acknowledge there are some really good people working within the system but are heavily constrained or scared to make the necessary changes within. As a patient, it is easy to see the NHS being systematically destroyed by poor management, and execs who are so far removed from the patient experience/journey their decision making is questionable… Continue reading

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Amazing Sense of Architectural Humour

Who here has watched the fantastic Cold War Drama  Deutschland ’83? You can catch up on the  series here :- There’s a scene in Episode 6 where Stamm is on the train and you catch a glimpse of German architecture … Continue reading

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Funniest Birthday Card…

Knowing my love of all things Apple and an impending birthday, a friend sent me what I think is the funniest birthday card to date.  #WellPlayed 🙂

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Possibly one of the most confusing traffic signs I’ve seen in a while.  I shot this just before I was due to go on stage at a conference in Madrid to give a 40 minute talk on Security… If you’ve … Continue reading

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Email and ISP Hell…

I chose to leave my ISP last month and move to a new service that actually delivers high speed 200mbs broadband… unlike my incumbent whose promised broadband faster than 3mb for the last 4 years and consistently failed to deliver. In the style … Continue reading

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Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?…

Unfortunately I was a victim of crime at some point overnight.   I’d discovered that my Garage door had been Jemmied open and the thieves stole two bikes, a Land Rover Discovery Zamora with mud guards, Shimano Gears, Disc Brakes, … Continue reading

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First Love?

We all remember our first loves don’t we?  Whether its the kid in the same class at school as you, 80’s taste in music, or your favourite pop-star…  Well, technically this isn’t my first love, this computer has survived more house moves than … Continue reading

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