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Adventures in GDPR Week 1…

Today I had to get up Über Early to take the car back to VW.  One of its sensors was “impaired” according the error message it was spewing out (This is a different story though).  I was asked to get the car in for 7:30am!!! FFS… That’s inhumane… Surely that in itself is a violation of 1998 Human Right Act… Continue reading

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Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?…

Unfortunately I was a victim of crime at some point overnight.   I’d discovered that my Garage door had been Jemmied open and the thieves stole two bikes, a Land Rover Discovery Zamora with mud guards, Shimano Gears, Disc Brakes, … Continue reading

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How Anonymous is Anonymous?

With the Internet of Things, companies and researchers are finding innovative ways to collect and process data about our habits, thoughts, desires, usage and even what we search for on the internet.  Take the very recent case of a professional … Continue reading

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Be Less Dog and More Cat…

As I was lying in my pit suffering from Man Zika Flu (It’s like regular man-flu but much much worse!) whilst playing Call of Zombie Candy Soda Crush Palaver on my mobile phone as I was about to beat level 3 gazillion … Continue reading

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Touch ID, Great Security Feature or Underlying Privacy Concerns?

TouchID, Great Security Feature or Underlying Privacy Concerns? As Apple announced the launch of their latest iPhone, it got me thinking about the fingerprint scanning feature that’s been included.  Fingerprint scanning technology isn’t new, many have tried before (IBM Thinkpads had … Continue reading

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Xerox Scanning Bug Causes Numbers To Be Swapped

                  Do you scan documents? Has your company scanned and retained documents from as far back as 2005 using a Xerox Scanner? Are these documents required for legal, contractual or even commercial reasons?  Then it’s possible … Continue reading

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Check-In and Security – Day 1

Tickets Booked, Suitcase packed, Passport at the ready… Check… Sun Block, Gadget Bag and Camera, all the essentials for a much needed break and some sun 🙂 It seems the older I get, the less straight forward stuff seems to … Continue reading

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