Food for Thought…

Eventually, the dust will settle down and what I’m left with is a core group of wid friends, that I can hopefully rely on them, as they can rely on me when the going gets tough to help each other through the dark days without shutting each other out, or better still …

Never a Dull Moment…

I said to her, I’m sure a huge national company can stem the loss of one bill, and that’s when things turned really interesting.  The poor girl (who’s been there for many years) spilt the beans on what really happens in retail.  Shocking really.

Don’t shut us out because one of us isn’t here.

Throughout the conversation these couples were all doing the couple thing of being tactile with one another, bit of banter and usual stuff that we all do in relationships.  Of course I’m no different when my wife was alive.  It serves to highlight what we miss the most, someone to talk to, someone to play around with and someone to help keep you balanced and anchored in life.

Everyone’s an Aspiring Paul Hollywood

After the Kleftiko, my friend brought the boxes of muffins to the table as an intermediate course. The room instantly transformed into Paul Hollywood sound-a-likes all discussing the texture, the moistness, the flavours, crust and of course it’s all about the crumb!


You see, I’m stuck in a rut, having been house bound since October last year for various medical reasons, I now have some limited freedom to go places and do stuff, and… no one to do them with. 

End Game?

If you’re looking for a motivational happy clappy tree hugging hippy type spiritual noises type of post, then you probably should look away now or skip to another blog for today’s a bit morbid…

Mostly Harmless

I sat down talking to a girl (don’t remember her name or what she looked like) for a while before she said “I’m going home”. I said ok, nice to meet you, she said again “I’m going home”, I apologised and asked if I was sitting on her coat, before she repeated it again and finally left.