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Adventures in GDPR Week 1…

Today I had to get up Über Early to take the car back to VW.  One of its sensors was “impaired” according the error message it was spewing out (This is a different story though).  I was asked to get the car in for 7:30am!!! FFS… That’s inhumane… Surely that in itself is a violation of 1998 Human Right Act… Continue reading

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Why I’ll wait for Star Wars (The Force Awakens) to Appear on iTunes

Thirty years ago, to watch the latest blockbuster movie you had to visit your local cinema, or wait for it to be available to rent or buy on Betamax or VHS Cassette.  Fast Forward to today’s digital age and we … Continue reading

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Mumbai Calling! – Press Two for Transport…

Auto Rickshaws!                  I’d watched Jeremy Clarkson’s two hour special about driving in India, but that didn’t prepare me for this real life experience…  A three lane freeway, was more of a guideline than a rule! … Continue reading

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Paul’s Place – Wildlife Sanctuary – Kangaroo Island

During a recent trip to South Australia, we paid a visit to Kangaroo Island, in the hope that we could spot Kangaroo’s in the wild. My wife and I weren’t disappointed! ‘Roo’s are readily found at dusk and dawn, so … Continue reading

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PS3 an Entertainment System? Well it does make me laugh :-)

With the recent spat between Game and EA I thought it be prudent to cash in my GAME points! Looking on their website, I found a bargain, Gran Turismo 5, and best of all it was free with my points. … Continue reading

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