Slow Boat to Cairo


In 2007 A fantastic opportunity presented itself in a trip to Cairo – Egypt.  Now many will think of Sharm El-Sheikh when visiting Egypt, but I’m not one for commercial holiday resorts (unless it means the opportunity to explore the area).  No, this was the heart of Egypt in Cairo itself.

The socio-political landscape has changed significantly in the last 8 years I’ve visited this wonderful place, but of the course of the next few blogs, I will share with you the benefits, wisdom and lessons learnt to surviving this city steeped in culture, intrigue and opportunities.  Stay tuned in!


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2 Responses to Slow Boat to Cairo

  1. dimfan says:

    Egypt is a great place! I was there last year and had great times! I also got to climb one of the pyramids by paying something like 3 $ to a cop!

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    • Muckypaws says:

      Its an amazing place to visit do some sight seeing, I’ll be providing more insights over the course of this blog, currently in the process of sorting out my photo’s taken whilst in Cairo! 🙂


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